KARLA & JULIA, the German stars - Durian Challenge Accepted!

Karla Borger and Julia Sude are ready for the Tokyo 2020 season. After Kira Walkenhorst decided to retire from beach volleyball and Karla Borger joined Julia Sude in the new Borger/Sude team in 2019, things moved fast forward and since that time the new German team won the 3* WT in Qinzhou, finished third at 3* WT in Kuala Lumpur and twice fourth at 4* WT in Moscow and Tokyo.

Singapore Beach Open 2020: The first two tournaments of the season were the 3* WT in China where you won (congratulations!) and the 4* in Mexico where you finished on the 9th place. So far, are you satisfied with the current form and how were your pre-season preparations for the Olympic season? Any news on the team?

Karla: Thank you very much, we‘re happy we have played the two last events in 2019 and have reached our goal in improving our Olympic points. Right now we are hitting the gym many hours a week and also started our ball practice again.

Julia: The 2 tournaments were pretty successful and we are happy that we had a good end of 2019 which is a lot of motivation for the next year! And of course a well deserved Christmas break ;)

Singapore Beach Open 2020: This season will be very long, with eleven 4* tournaments and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at the end. How difficult will be the route to Japan and how many tournaments do you plan to go for?

Karla: To qualify for the Olympics it’s always something special and outstanding to achieve. Germany has many strong teams and the route to Japan is tough. We try to play as many tournaments as we need to be qualified.

Julia: We still have a lot of work to do but we are in a good position at the moment and can still improve some results for the Olympic Ranking. Karla and I love to compete and last year we also played a lot of tournaments but as the calendar is not very athlete-friendly everyone needs to skip a tournament because its impossible to play 9 tournaments in a row in different countries and continents ...

Singapore Beach Open 2020: Which is your next tournament on the FIVB WT in 2020?

Julia: We will start in Mexico FIVB 4* in March 2020

Singapore Beach Open 2020: Singapore will host its first 4* FIVB WT in April 2020 and we believe that you will be there. Have you ever been to Singapore before and what do you know about this small island?

Karla: Honestly we‘ve heard already so many positive things about the city. It’s supposed to be very clean and well organized. We can’t wait to be there and explore a little the island.

Singapore Beach Open 2020: I believe that you already heard, what is famous local fruit “durian”. Would you accept the durian challenge if you arrive in Singapore in April? 🙂

Karla: Challenge accepted 🤗

Julia: I just heard that its smells and the people there like it a lot!

Singapore Beach Open 2020: The New Year 2020 is here. How did you celebrate the last days of 2019 and do you have any New Year wishes for yourself and your fans in 2020?

Karla: Christmas we spent with our families. It’s the time of the year where we can spend some days in the row at home with our loved ones. New Years gonna be a snowy one this time, the mountains in south Germany are calling. Think positively, exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, worry less, dance more, love often...be happy 😌

Julia: This time of the year is family-time and I enjoy the time at home where I am not very often because of travelling!

"We wish all beach, volleyball-crazy people, health and happiness for the next year because, in my opinion, these are the most important things in life!"

Now the German duo is back to their training routine and looking forward to 2020. Singapore Beach Open 2020 had this exclusive interview with the German stars thanks to their manager Constantin Adam.

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